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It's also good to charge your mobile phone on the car

Once the cell phone is less than 30%, it has no sense of security. It is necessary to find power immediately to recharge the cell phone. Most of the cars are equipped with a USB charging port or using a cigarette lighter.

But you know that using a car power supply is far more than a simple thing to plug in, and then tell you about the things you can't understand about the car charging.

The charge current is "big"

What does that mean? In a simple way, the current can not be more than the maximum rated input power of the mobile phone.

For example, a CAR CHARGER that outputs 5v/2.1A will charge a cell phone with a maximum rated input power of 5V/1A. The car will charge 1A to the mobile phone and input 2A to the tablet computer, which can fill the battery in a shorter time.

But if a vehicle with an output current of 5V/0.5A is charged to the same mobile phone, it will be 0.5A, which will not only slow down but also burn badly for a long time, which will damage the battery of mobile phone for a long time.

So, conditional owners recommend you purchase a sufficient amount of output and the high quality of the car, not for thousands of dollars a CAR CHARGER money. The mobile phone does not pay.

USB interface is more, charging is slow

The speed of charging depends on the voltage, not how much the device is connected. This point can be negated by this point alone.

First, we should choose the product with the function of overload protection; secondly, choose the CAR CHARGER with the output current above 1A

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