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How to use multifunction car charger

As you all know, the multifunction CAR CHARGER is used for mobile phones, iPad, iphone8! And so on, when the small digital product is recharged, you can use the multi-function CAR CHARGER to charge your cell phone in time when you go out to drive and meet your cell phone power. Such a simple and easy thing, of course, many friends know it. But we all come over, and you may be grumbling, and we all know that it's very convenient, both in practice and in use. Yes, but for a friend who has just bought a car, I don't know how to use a multifunctional CAR CHARGER. Of course, even though some of the multifunctional CAR CHARGER is often unable to be used, but many times, have you ever thought about how to use it properly?

Methods / steps

  1. Buy a multifunctional charger in an online store

  2. The USB CAR CHARGER into the cigarette lighter in the car (usually in the cab and the trunk of each one), inserted into the plug (a plug in the end, hear clicks on the line), a charging indicator light. (notice that it is necessary to recharge the car when the engine is started.)

  3. Using the USB line, the mobile phone, the IPAD or the standard USB interface product can be recharged with the vehicle USB CAR CHARGER.

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