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How to identify Charging Cable

There are many types of charging data cable on the market. The material with similar appearance, in fact, is uneven in material, workmanship and texture. It is believed that most users buy data cables are not selected. They think there is a charging symbol on the cell phone, then they will see who will buy it pleasing to the eye, and do not consider quality, safety and other issues at all. For a little bit of knowledge of digital accessories, selecting a good charging data cable is much easier and safer

  1. The first step is to confirm the charging data, wire and wire materials. The common charging data and wire materials usually have the following materials, such as TPE, PP, PE, nylon, metal and so on. The front part is plastic, usually the standard of mobile phone factory, for example, apple uses TPE material. The latter two are mostly used by the third party parts manufacturers. They are characterized by tensile resistance, bending resistance, long life and no fear of dirty. At the same time, the cost is also higher than that of ordinary plastic materials.

  2. The second step: to determine the USB interface material USB interface is a more critical part than the wire. Considering the cost, the data lines on the market generally use an iron USB joint with a layer of protective coating on the surface. In this way, the water in the middle is also larger. The protective coating of some of the data line interface is very thin, in the daily use of easily rub off; some had technical defects, resulting in protective layer is not fully covered.

  3. Third step: to buy the charging cable to see the details of connection between the end of the cable and the cable and the connection of the USB head. Careful friends may notice that most  charging cable are connected to USB head with a thick part, one is to enhance connection strength, the two is for beauty. But many charging cable do this just to follow the tide.

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