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How much is the effect of the USB charging cable on the charging speed?

USB wire AWG identification decode

AWG design can bear different current

For the general application of USB wire, the small number of AWG can bear the higher current, and the key is the cross section area. Of course, AWG is only an industrial design specification, and is based on security. Because of the quality of wire production and the use of ambient temperature, it will have a great influence on the transmission characteristics, so the reference point can only be found on the design specification. The key idea is to open the eyes when buying, and choose the wire with a thick and thick appearance and higher AWG specifications as far as possible.

How much is the effect of the USB charging line on the charging speed?

Selection suggestion: USB cable is worthy of fine selection

1. smartphones suggest that at least the 26AWG specification is selected, and the tablet is based on 24AWG. But we should notice that the output current specification of the power source end, such as USB charger and mobile power, is larger than that of device design input current, so that it is meaningful to purchase high specification USB wire. ,

2. the same size of wire if the appearance of coarse and thin, then the theory is better for the coarser. In addition to the black heart, the relative specifications are not used, but the same size is not the same. The fine line product may be the simplification of the isolation layer. Even if this does not affect the power transmission effect, the bending durability may still be affected.

3., choose the right length. If there are many different length requirements in daily application, you can spend more money on it and buy several different lengths of wire.

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