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Choose and buy car charger, we must pay attention to these points!

First of all, the first kind of misconception that is too worried:

Do you use a CAR CHARGER to hurt a car?

We all know that the CAR CHARGER is to use lighter hole car cigarette lighter as the power socket, and the socket has a fuse, when the current reaches the acceptable range of overload, the fuse will fuse immediately, play a protective role, so the impact, much of the car battery will not of course, the premise is CAR CHARGER not bad.

Tip: it's better to recharge the car after the engine starts. Otherwise, when the car is igniting, the voltage drop of the battery will affect the charging effect, or even damage the CAR CHARGER. Do not overdischarge the battery in the flameout state, such as don't turn on the light in the state of flameout.

Will the use of a CAR CHARGER hurt the cell phone?

The principle of charging the CAR CHARGER is to convert the voltage into 5V output to charge the digital product. As long as the voltage and current do not exceed the standard, the damage is basically zero.

Tip: it's better to recharge the cell phone after the car is started. Because the vehicle starts at the moment, it will produce excessive current, which may impact on the mobile phone.

The following 5 points should be paid attention to in the selection of vehicle charger

1. Clear out the output voltage of the car's cigarette lighter

The output voltage of the car is 12V, and the truck is 24V. Generally, the general purpose vehicle charger (12V) is suitable for cars. If it is other car, it needs to choose the corresponding voltage standard.

2. Understand the automatic protection function of the vehicle charger

The functions of vehicle charger are over voltage, overcurrent, overheating and short circuit protection. The shell is preferably made of ABS flame retardant and environmental protection material, which can prevent external combustion and beautiful appearance, and touch hands without leaving fingerprints.

3. Pay attention to the voltage and current size

When buying a CAR CHARGER, we should pay attention to the voltage and current of the supporting equipment, such as the iPhone is 5V/1A, the tablet computer and the mobile power supply are 5v/2A. If the dual USB interface CAR CHARGER is charged to mobile phones and tablet computers at the same time, the total current of CAR CHARGER should be at least 3A or more, otherwise the charging speed will not only decrease significantly, but also will overheat or even damage the device.

4. Know how much current is the total current of the car charger

In general, regular products will indicate how much A the output current is on the charger. If the purchased CAR CHARGER is charged with mobile phone + tablet computer, it will not only slow but also generate great heat, not only for the current is not up to standard.

5, select a reliable brand

The quality of the reliable brand is guaranteed, and the use is also assured. This truth is believed to have to be said. Although the price is generally more expensive than the low quality CAR CHARGER, but if the price is cheap, the quality of the problem, it is sure that the complaint is no door. In addition, in order to avoid "fighting" because of making a CAR CHARGER, it is best to choose a CAR CHARGER with at least 2 USB interfaces, you know.

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