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Charging the mobile phone to the car

Many small partners will buy a car charger on the cigar lighter to increase the number of charging ports on the car,so a common cigarette lighter will become the USB charging port.

When you use "car charging", you may not have any idea. Many of them have two sockets, one is 5.0V 1A, and the other is 5.0V 2.1A. Generally, mobile phones choose 1A's socket, and the other 2.1A is for flat panel.

Of course, 2.1A's plug can also be charged to the mobile phone, and the charging speed is very fast

Some small partners think that their cars are "stalled and cut off, and they don't need to be pulled down". But for some cars that don't have this function, it is better to pull out vehicle charging or other electric equipment after they are out of fire.

In particular, "car charge" using some of the "automatic shutdown" of the vehicle recorder, long time parked, how much will have some impact on the battery...

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