• ​OEM & ODM service

    ​OEM & ODM service

    OEM & ODM serviceto them, they have special project require us to check the construction design, mould, assembly to shipping. Sometimes we also send some new items forchoosing. The idea not only f

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  • The First Customer For Overseas Business

    The First Customer For Overseas Business

    The first customer foroverseas business, we really appreciated all of the supports from them, wesupply cables assemblies to them.

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  • ​Our business Discussion

    ​Our business Discussion

    Our businessdiscussion on cigarette lighter plug and car charger series, also including someswitches project.

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  • Good Customer From Brazil,

    Good Customer From Brazil,

    A good customer fromBrazil, they are local bus charger and audio systems supplier, car charger,switches, led lights and speakers all in the business range. Thanks for supportus on bus compoennts!

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